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>> the orioles postseason magic makes a triumphant return to camden yards after a 15-year hiatus. we're live against the yankees. the pharmacy it linked to the deadly outbreak issues a wide recall as maryland deals with its third case. a solemn service to remember
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some of the nation's greatest. the touching tribute to honor one of baltimore county's fallen firefighters. >> you are watching wbal 11. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> i am deborah weiner. the big season is post-season baseball returns to camden yards for the first time in 15 years. the orioles are waiting to take on the bronx bombers in the first game of the division series. home pride is running deep. we have live coverage. john collins has an update on the forecast. pete gilbert has a preview of the big game. we begin with sheldon dutes live outside of oriole park with all the excitement. >> the rain has started to come down heavier in the past five minutes. that is not stopping the fans from having a good time. people are gearing up for the
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game this afternoon. there is a rain delay for this evening's game. no word on when the game will start. the fans are excited nonetheless. there is a whole generation of fans and gearing up to see the birds play for the first time in the postseason. >> it is my first playoff game. >> then there is the other crowd of fans who were little kids in 1997 and barely remember the last time the orioles were relevant this late in the season. >> i was 6 years old. i cannot wait. this is the happiest moment of my life. >> what happened in the years between 1997 and now? >> we were practicing to go all the way this year. >> in a few minutes, the orioles and yankees will resume their rivalry. it could be an interesting nine innings for this local couple. >> he is from new york. >> i was born the yankees fan. it is kind of rough coming to a
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game with a girlfriend who is a hard core orioles fan. >> will of the orioles. let's beat the yankees. >> i hate them so much. >> 2012 is the year. let's go. >> with the ravens win this afternoon, if the post can pull off a win, there will be a lot of home time pride in the tonight. >> the orioles and yankees split the regular season both winning nine games each. to a dance, they will have to win three of five against new york. pete gilbert has more on the match and game 1 starters. >> we are setting the stage we were not sure we would see again. it is playoff baseball at camden yards. the fans are filing in. this is a nip in the air. we're used to that. it is nice to have baseball in
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october. the orioles against the yankees, the first 05 games. no one thought the team would be here. we realized they had not been under .500 at any point in this season. from that point forward, they have moved on and then above it. they did go all season long. it's stretched back to last september when they knocked the red sox out of the playoffs. they build on that. tonight begins a new chapter as they go against the yankees. we will see jason hamel on the mound. he has not pitched in nearly a month. he thought he was done for the year after knee surgery. he is ready to go. we watched him in the post-game celebration the other night in texas. he will face cc sabathia. the orioles are 2-0 against him.
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coming up later in sports, we will hear from some of the players about the series against the yankees in which they won game 9 -- 19 games and lost nine games. >> the brave educators will throw out the ceremonial first pitch. perry hall high school guidance counselor will throw out the pitch and be accompanied by the student wounded on the first day of school. he tackled the gunman preventing workers -- preventing more violence. technically, this is october baseball. >> the weather is not a winner today. it is more like football whether it with the cold temperatures. we had rain this morning. i thought we might break out of it. most of the day, it was not raining. it was cloudy and threatening.
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this is a wide view showing the northeastern part of the state. i have circled baltimore to help you find the area. this is light rain shower activity with drizzle. this is the inner harbor. it is covered with rain right now. let me put this in motion to show you. a while back, it did not look bad. with the rain moving into the picture, we see scattered showers activity. the forecast for the game looks like this. for the start of the game, spotty showers and sprinkles. temperatures in the 50's. a light northwest wind. by 9:30, we expect readings into the 40's. also, the rain in in and possibly accounts breaking up. -- possibly the clouds breaking up. there will be improving conditions. more on the forecast for the coming week coming up. >> after a week where offense dominated, it was all about
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defense this afternoon. the ravens beat the chiefs in a battle that had many fans bo oing the home team. baltimore will face dallas next week back home. >> now an update to allow the news medical alert. the pharmacy that distribute steroids linked to an outbreak of follow meningitis has issued a voluntary recall for all of its products. they say the move was taken out of caution because of the risk of contamination. it says there is no contamination other products have been contaminated. this comes as state health officials have identified a third person from maryland who developed meningitis after receiving a tainted injection last month. no specific information will be released about the patient.
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the health department confirmed the case on saturday. nationwide, the centers for disease control and prevention say there are more than 90 cases across ninth case -- states. it has killed seven people, including one in maryland. firefighters raced in when everyone races out of harm's way. up next, on during those whose
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>> fallen firefighters are honored and added to the memorial on the grounds of the academy each year. this year, one of those names include a baltimore county hero who died after being trapped in a residential fire leaving behind a wife and two children. >> ♪ [bagpipes] ♪
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>> from the sounds of the bagpipes to a measured, slow salute, there was no doubt the brotherhood of fire fighters was recognizing loss and sacrifice at the national fallen firefighters memorial service. >> maryland, baltimore county fire department, a volunteer fire company. >> we miss him. every time you hear his name, especially in a setting like this. it is so emotional. >> for the baltimore county family of mark falkenhan, this day was an honor for a man who lived and breathed the fire service from the age of 18 until 43 when he died. >> on a cold january night last year, mark lost his life savings others' lives in a four- alarm fire. >> it is amazing to see. we have seen it from our state
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and other states during his funeral. to come together as a nation it is amazing, to come together as one family. >> in all come at 80 firefighters who died last year and five died in years past were remembered. it is an annual rite, a sign of respect for the families. >> we gather to pay honor and respect to those individuals that guide and help the families rebuild their lives and move forward after going through such a dramatic occurrence. >> 6000 people attended the service this year. among the greatest show of support and love came the son of mark falkenhan, doing what his father loved. >> it is in my blood. my whole family has done it. it is tradition. i am a third-generation firefighter. >> committed to the firehouse to the very last call. a very special day. what do you have on tap for us?
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it is getting cold. >> there is the view of camden yards. 50 at the airport. 55 downtown. some spurts in going
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>> your 11 insta-weather forecast with john collins. >> a quick check of the radar. this is the wider view.
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we have spotty showers and sprinkles moving across the area. that is good for another hour or two. thing should begin to let up as the disturbance moves out of the picture. most of the rain fell this morning. at the airport, 53 the high. 45 though low. typical 70 and 49. nowhere near the records. it looks like we will stay stuck with chilly temperatures for a while. everybody around the bay is in the 50's. to the northwest, 40's and 50's. oakland is down to 36 degrees. that is almost cold enough for a snowflake. here is the disturbance moving across the area. it is to the north. it is part of what was left over from the system yesterday. a little more moisture available for this. it has more energy. it was able to squeeze out the moisture. yesterday we had no rain with
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the cold front. this time, we have cold temperatures which made it easier to squeeze out the moisture out. the front goes back to the west. you can see this pocket of cold air from the great lakes moving into new england and reaching into canada, which is the source of the cold air. the front is offshore. we have this disturbance pulling out of the picture this evening. high pressure coming in for a brief time tomorrow. we will see some improvement tomorrow. here is the rain on the futurecast moving through the evening. by 8:30, probably still some clouds and drizzle. most of the rain should be moving out of the picture by then. the forecast tonight, sprinkles and showers. bring off -- tapering off. clearing late. those of you who do clear out, somebody to the west could dip into the upper 30's. a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. the clouds return tomorrow afternoon with another disturbance.
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a possibility of showers late. the high will be before anything gets us. here is the chance of rain. the chance is much higher to the south than it is a roman baltimore area. most of it will be to the south and east. we dryout again until tuesday. on wednesday, another cold front comes in. there will be some showers with that. it will be one of those weeks where we go up and down with the rain chances. we start the countdown on temperatures. 41 to the low on monday and tuesday. we gradually get closer to 70 degrees. a chance of rain late monday, in the morning on tuesday. then late wednesday. not big chances. then again late on friday. none of these look at major storms so far. >> thank you. it is starting to feel like football weather. a closer look at one of the more interesting wins for the ravens. interesting wins for the ravens.
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>> from the susquehanna bay sports center, this is 11 sports. >> for the first time since 1997, camden yards will host a postseason game. they are in a rain delay. they have waited 15 years. what is another half-hour? pete gilbert has more on the rematch with the yankees. >> i have some tools right now. not just because of the temperatures. -- i have some chills' right now. they are getting ready to face the yankees in game 1. the series may come down to what happens tonight. the last six times the yankees have been in the division series, they have won the first game five times. five times they have won the
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series. the orioles do not care a lot about the past. they just know if they play well against the yankees, they can knock off the bronx bombers. >> our success against them boosts the confidence of a lot of the guys in here. we know exactly how they are going to play us. they know how we will play them. it will be a matter of making all the plays and right pitches when you need to. it will come down to the little things in the series. hopefully we can execute. >> not many secrets between the teams. we have played a lot. we've played 18 times this year. you will know the other guys. you can use that to your vantage. you will have to try to do some things different. at the same time, play the way you have all year. that is we're really feel we will be most successful. >> jason hamel on the hill
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tonight. cc sabathia for the yankees. baltimore improves to 4-1. deborah weiner has more on that story. >> not the prettiest game in the history of the nfl, the ravens will remember the most important part of the week, the road win. kansas city cannot hang onto the football. a tough day for the chiefs. the second game in a row with an interception for williams, the most important player on the field this afternoon, the ticker. good from 39 yards. the ravens are up 9-3. joe flacco avoids everybody on the defense. they get the win 9-6 and sit
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alone atop the afc north. in the second quarter, the big bend has the 13 yard pass for the touchdown. the steelers go up 7-0. in the fourth quarter, vick connects to clark. with just three seconds left in the game, the steelers kicker is the game winner. the steelers squeeze out with the win 16-13 final. stay with us. john collins is back with the 7- day forecast.
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>> here is the forecast. the percentages are low for rain. they are in the morning and evening. most of the week will be dry. a good chance of rain later in the day tomorrow. kind of cool in the 50's to near 60. we want to close to 70 by the end of the week. on-again and off-again chances of rain. mostly light. most of the time, it will not be raining. >> a big night in baltimore. that is it for 11 news at 6:00. we will see you back here after
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>> this is a wbal editorial with manager dan joerres. >> in just a week, 27,000 runners from around the world will hit the streets of baltimore for the 12th annual running festival. since 2001, the race has blossomed to a full morning that features something for everyone. from avid runners to the half- marathoners and the kids fun run, the festival highlights the best of our city and powers tourism in our town. there will be runners from every state in the united states in 24 countries. last year's champion will return
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to defend his title. the race is expected to generate more than $30 million in economic impact to the city. and an additional $1 million for charity. wbal-tv is proud to be the official television station of the event and will provide exclusive coverage. for more information, log
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